Blake Luley
Musician + Composer

about me

Photo taken by  Eric Schwortz

Photo taken by Eric Schwortz

I'm a musician, composer, and teacher currently living in Seattle, WA by way of Brooklyn, NY. I love dreaming up a new world of sound in whatever music I create, whether that's collaborating with others, writing songs, recording them, or scoring film. I am currently the singer/songwriter of Rainwater, a multi-instrumentalist in Air Waves, and a freelance music composer. I also love sharing my joy for music through teaching music! I currently teach guitar, piano, ukulele, and group band ensembles of all ages.

I started my first band at age 10 with a couple of friends and a 3-chord song (I, IV, and V of course) about chicken fried rice. A few years later I purchased my first 4-track recorder and began recording our wacky songs. While I've developed my skills through years of training, I haven't lost any of the zeal for creating and performing that I had back then.

Moving to New York City in my late teens, I was constantly inspired by flurrying sirens, sub-bass rumble from car speakers, and the constant chatter in hundreds of languages. I began interning and assisting at Seaside Lounge Recording Studios in Brooklyn, while forming a variety of bands. Shortly after, I studied Music Composition at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. While there, I discovered new ways to translate the sounds I observe and imagine onto the page. Studying the Minimalism of La Monte Young and Steve Reich played a crucial role for me in solidifying an aesthetic for the music I created.

Since graduating, I've gone on to be involved in many different microcosms of the music scene, both in Brooklyn, and now in Seattle. I've performed in a variety of touring rock bands (fronting my own Rainwater project, recording and touring the US and Europe with Air Waves, and formerly as a founding member of the psychedelic folk band Howth). I've been involved with recording, mixing, and mastering projects in a wide range of genres (everything from folk to punk to ambient). I've created scores for a variety of film projects, from short films to promotional videos. I've also most recently found a passion for teaching music. My dedication for creating and sharing a unique universe of sounds is the common thread that ties these experiences together.