When I'm composing music, even if it's not for film, I have a clear visual landscape in mind. Creating a universe for the music to live in is absolutely paramount to my process. When I am scoring for film, I make sure the music enriches the atmosphere created by the visual, and never overpowers it. 

While studying Music Composition at Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, I became intrigued by the minimalism of Steve Reich and La Monte Young. I was obsessed with how they could alter reality with such deceptively simple sounds. When I'm composing music, I attempt to marry the tradition of minimalism with the dark textures and studio techniques of ambient music.

I've created dark ambient music under the pseudonym Ajnabi, and scored a variety of film projects including short films, non-profit informational videos, and promotional videos for companies. A short film I scored, Nick Santore, was a selection at the Chicago International Film Fest and a Vimeo Staff Pick. 

I would love to discuss any potential scoring projects or collaborative composition projects you may have in mind. 

Luley’s work is more intricately arranged than a lot of the dark ambient music out there. The feedbacked screams at the climax tug right at the heart strings, balanced precariously on a delicate, meditative work.
— AdHoc on my ambient piece "Gaza"
...like a burning bush or the effects of looking directly int othe sun
— Impose Magazine on my dark ambient album, Ajnabi


Selected Film Scoring Projects:

Nick Santore Premiered at Chicago International Film Festival & a Vimeo Staff Pick
Short Film  WATCH
The Retirement Network: Our Story
Promotional Video WATCH
Little Texting Diary
Promotional Video
Facing Forward­: Ebony Short
Documentary Video
Facing Forward:­ Roger and Elizabeth
Short Documentary Video WATCH
Chicago Police Department Story Portraits: Annie & Jesus Short
Short Documentary Video


Selected Compositions:

Ajanbi- under the name Ajnabi, a self-titled full length album of dark ambient instrumental compositions LISTEN
Nablus//Gaza- under the name Ajnabi, two ambient pieces inspired by my time in Palestine LISTEN
For Gloria- under the name Ajnabi, an ambient piece LISTEN
Godwater- a piece written for 3 electric guitars and electronics*Premiered by the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music Guitar Ensemble
Necropolis- a piece written for mixed percussion and electronics